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Many people think that motorcycle accidents are a result of reckless motorcyclists who take unnecessary or dangerous risks on the road, yet studies show that many incidents are caused by other motorists. The sad truth is motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to be killed in accidents involving cars or have devastating injuries as the result of a collision.

Personal injury cases involving motorcycles rely on the ability to prove negligence on the part of the other driver or other parties. It is a good idea to seek legal help immediately because making your case requires developing a solid strategy to pursue your injury claim. At Zentz & Zentz, we are the San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Choosing Legal Representation

It is critical to choose the right law firm to represent your case. Proving negligence in a personal injury case usually involves a number of lawyers for both drivers and insurance companies who work to get the case dismissed or to reduce damage awards. Lawyers will also try to delay a trial indefinitely, so accident victims get discouraged and want to settle prematurely.

This is why our skills as seasoned and successful trial lawyers are important factors to the outcome of your case. You need a law firm that knows how to push for settlements and can argue your case in court if that day arrives.

Finding the Right Law Motorcycle Accident Law Firm in San Diego, CA

Zentz & Zentz was formed with our clients in mind. We are a father and son team with many years of individual experience practicing law and trying cases in courtrooms. We understand that each client’s case has unique circumstances, and needs and outcomes will vary.

Cases are more than just facts. Each one involves personal losses suffered by you as an accident victim and how you can have the best life going forward, especially where permanent physical impairment is an issue. You need an attorney who cares about your well-being and who is there to represent your interests.

Proving Fault

One of the most difficult aspects of a personal injury case is proving fault or negligence. These are the most common types of negligence by motorists who injure motorcyclists:
• Following too closely
• Failure to check for another driver when making a lane change
• Cutting off a motorcyclist in an intersection
• Failure to yield
• Failure to observe posted speed limits or other traffic signs

The issue is that most of these violations need proper investigation and evidence collection to make the case for negligent driving. There are usually many pre-trial motions regarding evidence, and the legal process can be time-consuming. An experienced attorney can cut through these issues and keep the case focused by developing a strategy from the onset of your claim. It's important to hire a lawyer soon after an accident occurs so no evidence is lost that will win your case.

Considering Who Is Responsible

An essential determination to make about your case is who is at fault. While many accidents happen as the result of another driver, there are other parties who may bear responsibility for your being injured, which include motorcycle manufacturers, government entities or mechanics.

It is important to consider all aspects of how an accident occurred and who may be a party to your claim. This could mean your case is much more involved and requires a lot of technical expertise to hold those responsible to account for your medical needs as well as your pain and suffering.

Understanding the Scope of Permanent and Debilitating Injuries

The lack of external physical protection in a motorcycle accident contributes to the devastating injuries that result from a collision or crash. These serious injuries can occur when a negligent motorist causes an accident:
• Bone fractures
• Whiplash
• Lacerations
• Traumatic brain injury
• Spinal cord damage
• Internal injuries
• Burns

Many accident victims can pursue damages related to these harms in their personal injury cases. It is important as your case moves along to know if these health issues will be an ongoing concern for you in the years to come. This could potentially affect your employment, social life, home life and physical abilities well into the future.

We understand that a personal injury claim is about more than the bare facts of your case. We will work to get you the monetary awards necessary to support your care, wellness and a return to your best life.

Getting Compensation for a Motorcycle Injury Claim

There are three main areas of losses covered in a personal injury suit. These are referred to as damages victims can pursue in their claims:
1. Wages: This is a claim for lost income and the possible loss of future earning capacity due to the seriousness and extent of injuries.
2. Medical bills: These include doctor and hospital bills, physical therapy and rehabilitation needs, durable medical equipment and prescription expenses, and other ongoing healthcare costs.
3. Pain and suffering: This covers emotional distress, loss of enjoyment for life and mental anguish as a result of the accident.

Valuing a Case

Valuing a case means determining a best-guess estimate for what a jury might award for your claim. This includes looking at what you might be able to recover from the person at fault or other parties who bear responsibility for your accident.

Two of the most significant aspects of valuing a case are how severe your injuries are and how likely it is the responsible party or parties will be found liable. It is essential that you hire a lawyer soon after your accident, so you will be well aware of your rights and receive the best representation of your case.

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Motorcycle accidents are complex cases that require experience to handle the many technical aspects of personal injury law. Zentz & Zentz works to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and personal losses as a result of an accident.
We are the right attorneys to handle your case and help guide you through the legal process. Contact us online or call us today at (702) 800-3190 to request a free case consultation.

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