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Pedestrian Accident Injuries Attorney in San Diego, CA

Compared to other road users, pedestrians have the fewest physical protections. This makes you especially vulnerable when struck by a vehicle. As a San Diego pedestrian, you also face greater risks than other pedestrians around the country. California has consistently ranked among states with the highest pedestrian deaths. To make matters worse, California car crashes and pedestrian deaths are on the rise.

Even when people survive pedestrian-and-auto-vehicle accidents, they often still need to deal with injuries, high medical bills, and long-term disabilities. In an ideal world, the at-fault driver or insurance company pays the bills without a fuss. The reality, though, is that it can be difficult to get the compensation you deserve without hiring a San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

What To Do If You Get Hit by a Car

Insurance companies, medical doctors and attorneys all have advice on what to do if you suffer car crash injuries as a pedestrian. What is certain is that how you react could affect your health and future settlement.

Stay Calm

There’s no telling how you may react in the situation until it happens. Some people become angry, while others panic. Try to remain calm or you may cause any injuries sustained to get worse. Once you calm down, you are also in a better position to check what your injuries are. Even if your injuries do not seem to be serious or you feel fine, always seek medical attention after an accident.

Do Not Let the Driver Leave

Most drivers will stop and render assistance after hitting a San Diego pedestrian. However, even a driver who initially stops may later decide to leave. Naturally, there is little you can do if a driver gets into his or her vehicle and speeds from the scene, but do what you can. If the driver insists on leaving, get whatever information you can first. Even the make, model and color of a vehicle can do wonders to help law enforcement track down the driver.

Call the Police

In one Bloomberg article, a pedestrian recounts an experience where she decided not to call the police because she did not feel seriously injured after the accident. When she called hours later, the police declined to investigate and informed her that she should have reported the incident at the scene. Do not procrastinate. Always call the police to report any motor vehicle accident that may have caused damages or injuries. Otherwise, should you later discover you have suffered injuries, you might not have a viable case.

Collect Evidence

While waiting for the police to arrive, gather as much evidence as you can. Take photos, but do not overexert yourself. You may feel fine when adrenaline is high, but as this begins to decline, you may begin to feel any injuries. Unfortunately, drivers and insurance companies often successfully claim people exaggerate their injuries because they seemed fine or claimed to be fine at the scene of the accident. If possible, ask passersby to assist with collecting the evidence on your behalf.

Common Causes of Pedestrian and Car Crashes in San Diego, CA

When in San Diego, walking is one of the many activities tourists and locals enjoy. There are many places worth seeing in the city and going on foot provides exercise and the opportunity to avoid parking nightmares. So, what makes this wonderful pastime so dangerous?

Distracted Driving

Drivers are increasingly distracted by devices in their vehicles. However, even people who refuse to use their phones while driving can become distracted. They may focus on something on the side of the road, be trying to discipline children inside the vehicle or have a disagreement with a spouse. Some people may even try to do makeup and change their clothes while driving. Distracted driving increases the risk of an accident.

Driving Under the Influence

For years, DUI efforts have focused on catching drivers who are drunk or tipsy. Nowadays, law enforcement has expanded its reach to people who are driving while high. Many drivers feel that only illegal drugs can get them in trouble. However, if a driver’s car collides with you after taking drugs with clear warnings about inducing drowsiness, he or she may still face charges and you might receive higher compensation value.

Unfortunately, some people deliberately use their vehicles as weapons. There have been several incidents in recent years of people driving down sidewalks or into crowds of protestors. Intentionally hitting people with a car can result in very serious charges for the driver. Injured parties may pursue compensation as well.


Sometimes, the design of roadways can put pedestrians at unnecessary risk. Design flaws may include unmarked crosswalks and no stoplights at busy intersections. While drivers do have a responsibility to stay vigilant on any roadway, poor infrastructure increases the likelihood of a crash involving pedestrians.

Electric Vehicles

EVs are likely the future of transportation, but pedestrians must adjust to how quiet they often are. The quietness of EVs can cause pedestrians, especially children, not to notice them. In response to the risks they pose, some car manufacturers now produce EVs that sound similar to regular vehicles.


Many accidents involving pedestrians occur when drivers make a turn. Left turns are especially dangerous. In fact, NPR estimates that simply making a left turn accounts for about a quarter of pedestrian-related crashes. Drivers may be looking at the flow of traffic and not notice pedestrians crossing the street.

Common Injuries from Pedestrian-and-Vehicle Collisions

The CDC reports that 137,000 pedestrians received treatment in emergency rooms for crash-related injuries that proved nonfatal. These are some of the injuries a San Diego pedestrian may suffer after a crash:
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Spinal cord injuries
• Broken or fractured bones
• Soft tissue damage
• Post-traumatic stress disorder

When To Contact Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Zentz & Zentz

When a San Diego pedestrian suffers injuries, the injured party may sue the driver. The driver’s insurance company may then fight the case on his or her behalf. In hit-and-run cases, the victim may need to pursue provisions under his or her existing insurance policies, which can also lead to litigation.

Insurance companies will expend every legal resource they can afford to avoid accepting financial responsibility. Are you prepared? We recommend hiring a San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for every pedestrian crash case, even when it seems like a straightforward win. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case.

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